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Writing, Los Angeles and Traveling the World


I write Fantasy and Science Fiction, short stories and books. Currently I am in hot pursuit of pro publication for my short stories. The big project is a seven book fantasy series that has taken over my brain, and my life. The main characters cornered me one night and insisted that I tell their story. It wasn’t their sharp swords that convinced me, but the determined look on their faces. This is truly a story I need to tell and I ask the Spirits for the ability to do it justice. 

Next week I’m going to WorldCon Renovation in Reno. This is my first time attending and I’m finding too many things I want to do at one time. I will be posting as regularly as possible to keep you up to date on events there.

Los Angeles – The City of Angels

You know all of those nasty things people say about Los Angeles? Well, some of them are true. There will certainly be days you’ll hear me complain about traffic and that idiot that cut me off, or worse yet, cut in front of me and then drove really slow. Grr. But there are also a lot of great things here. I plan to give you my take on both the good and the bad and everything in-between.

Traveling the World 

When the opportunity arises, I like to travel to places that are as different from home as possible. I’ve been to (in order): Europe, Eritrea, Egypt, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mexico and China. I travel on a tight budget, no fancy hotels and tours, but a Lonely Planet guide book in one hand and a sense of adventure in my heart. 

I am currently deciding where I want to go next year. Indonesia is looking good, but I still need to research Malaysia and Cambodia. If you have any input, I would be glad to hear it. I guarantee that when I start following the Wanderer’s Compass, I will bring you along. We’ll have all sorts of fun together.